Anton (Toni) Horžen, known professionally as TohoSound, is a guitar player, singer and producer, from Slovenia, Europe, who had previously recorded a number of instrumental songs under the Name Toni Horžen.

Toho Sound’s first solo studio album with vocals, recorded with members with different background will be released by end of 2024 on HTML Recordings Label.

The inspiration for the album came from the time in which we live, where we are faced with the goal of preserving nature. The individual is faced with digitization, where he is becoming more and more transparent and under the influence of various structures, and about love, hardships, and problems, which people experience, and memories from our youth, where everything was more relaxed, easy, when we were all daydreaming.

Based on the above, many ideas evolved that Toho Sound recorded on a recorder or the entire structure and a rough draft of the lyrics.

He showed his musical ideas to many friends, who liked the varied musical interpretations and styles.
The decision to record an album was made.

In 2020, TohoSound began putting the idea into action. He approached Tomi Gregel, bass (Demolition Group, Grizl, Krshkopoljac) and Ivica Gregel, drums (Demolition Group). Toho Sound handled the guitar, Ivica Gregel contributing Drums and Tomi Gregel contributing Bass guitar. Attention then turned to finding a lead singer who could channel their combined musicality into an accessible mainstream form. Toho Sound approached Anže Petrač, professionally known as Petracci in Ljubljana and they listened to some demos in various forms of completion.  Petracci revealed that he had always wanted to do a project like this. It quickly became obvious that Petracci was just right for the project.

All shared a vision to create something new and unique and the prospect of working together, they all approached the idea of participating in the recording of the album.

The keyboard slot remained unfilled, therefore TohoSound contacted musician and producer Rok Lopatič (Laibach, LeeLooJamais) and musician and producer Matjaž Predanič (Grizl) to contribute keyboards. During that time, Horžen and Petracci wrote the final lyrics for the album.

The team would later get together and meet in Boršt, Slovenia, at Stala Recordings to record Toho Sound’s debut album. Due to the pandemic and many other commitments of the team, the recording of the album took place in different stages from June 2020 to the spring of 2022.

Drawing from rock, metal, industrial, avant-garde diverse styles fused into a unique sound.